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Due to a recent professional redirection,

KOGNITIS is being closed.

Eric Pigal

Secure & High Performance Cloud

When you go with Cloud Computing, this cannot compromise your IT Security.

KOGNITIS is especially recognized for assisting you to migrate your IT systems onto high-performance Cloud Computing infrastructures, exclusively based in Europe.

Cloud Computing and IT Security are KOGNITIS’ flagship services.



IT Advisory Services

However Cloud Computing and IT Security cannot be insulated from the rest of your IT solutions.

We also provide you with IT Advisory Services on the following: IT Strategy, IT Governance, Digital Communication (Social Network, Web, mobile device), and IT Development


European Perspective

KOGNITIS is a Poland-based company with an international perspective

It is also present in a European institution in Brussels and active in EuroCloud; Eric Pigal, KOGNITIS' founder, is a member of the EESC and vice-president of EuroCloud Poland.

Finally, KOGNITIS has built credentials and connections all over Europe and can rely on 25+ years of IT consulting in Europe and USA to leverage valuable expertise assets and cross-industry experience.






What is behind
Cloud Computing?

What is behind
IT Security?

What is behind
IT Governance?

What is behind
IT Development?



Protecting your data:


Assisting the Business users

useful features
easy-to-use software
reliable solutions
high reactivity 


Several Cloud Computing models:

IaaS: Infrastruct. as a Service
PaaS: Platform as a Service
SaaS: Software as a Service

an efficient IT

CIO responsibilities
IT Strategy
IT Innovation
IT Project Management 

expectations from
development teams 

strong IT skills
high productivity

robust IT architecture
reliable testing 


and also:

Public Cloud Computing
Hybride Cloud Computing
Private Cloud Computing

and many risks:

Physical damage
Information Disclosure
Denial of Service 

 some means to act:

IT Innovation
IT Budgets
Cost Reduction
IT Offshoring